Engaging Employees

Connect and Build Trust with Your Team

Building engagement in your organization requires you to actively explain what’s happening, why it’s happening, ask your employees for their ideas, and find out how you can help.

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Explain What is Happening

Leaders should share what’s going on in the district. Leaders have a bird’s-eye view of the organization, and employees expect them to share their perspective of the past, the present, and the future.

Explain Why

Leaders need to connect employees to the mission and vision of their organization. They need to remind employees why certain decisions are made, why the organization is heading in certain directions, and why it’s important to confront certain issues

Ask for Ideas

People want to be involved in the improvements happening and the decisions being made. Most people have ideas for how things could be better. They appreciate when you ask how to improve. The organization will get better faster if it’s not just the leaders that can have good ideas.

Ask How to Help

People need to be supported. The buck ultimately stops with the leader, so part of a leader’s job is to make sure people have what they need in order to do their work and get better.

Support Documents

Everything is in Google Drive so you can copy and modify for your own use.

Example Leader Engagement Plans

An annual leader engagement plan is something that can be developed every year. This example shows what a leader engagement plan can look like.

Example Issue-Based Engagement Plans

Often times a leader needs to engage with others in regards to an important issue. This shows what an engagement plan can look like for those times.

What to Share with Others

Employees and stakeholders don’t understand the four conversations philosophy. See how engagement plans can be organized in a simpler way.

Live Video Script

Engage with your stakeholders effectively by meeting them where they are at: their screens. Use this example script to easily share your first live message online.